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Studying in Australia

May 15, 2012


If you are looking to apply for a scholarship in Australia, a good place to start is on the Australian Government Website. Scholarships from the Australian Government include International Scholarships for Australians to study overseas all the way through to information on study assistance and Youth Allowance. This is definitely a great place to start if you’re looking for support at university or school in Australia. 

Overseas Students

For overseas students wanting to study in Australia, you can also look at the Ausaid, an Australian Government initiative aimed at helping students in developing countries get a step-up in the right direction. See their website for full details on how you can apply. 

Scholarships from Ausaid include the Australian Development Scholarship. You will be applicable for this scholarship if you meet criteria such as being from a developing country, wanting to complete a full university course within the minimum possible completion time, and wanting to study in Australia. The scholarship will pay for your university fees, return air travel, pay A$5,000 towards your expenses such as accommodation, text books and study materials and also pay a further $28,000 towards your living expenses per year on a fortnightly basis.

As part of receiving this scholarship you will be required to go on a 4-6 week course covering how university life in Australia works and how to receive the best possible start in Australia. You will be eligible for free Overseas Student Health Cover while in Australia and studying, and may also be eligible for paid pre-course English lessons and supplementary academic support. For anyone wishing to come to Australia to study, Ausaid scholarships are an awesome idea! University paid for, living expenses paid for, free health care and accommodation, what more could you want?

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